Designs for Living

Your home is your sanctuary.

It’s where you relax, unwind and entertain. It has a vibe and an ambience. Perhaps it even has its own character. It makes you feel a certain way.

Do all these things work together to suit your tastes and lifestyle? Maybe not.

If the areas and spaces in your home are somehow out of kilter and balance – but you’re not even entirely sure why or how – Katie Malik Design Studio has the expertise you need to create, build and deliver peace, balance and harmony in your home.

We’re specialist, award-winning interior designers working on higher-budget projects at the wealthy, luxurious end of the market. Our philosophy matches your needs: uniqueness, quality and attention to detail.

Our Focus High-Style Luxury

Your requirements in interior design are niche. Most likely, they’re high-end, lavish, and demand the ultimate in innovation, technical know-how and creativity.

Here at KM Design Studio, we define customised luxury. How? Because our sole focus is on private residential clients like you; customers whose projects sit right at the top end of the interior design market.

Turn-Key Solutions

We want to make your dreams come true the easy way.

So, we offer a complete start-to-finish service. This streamlined approach means that we can take care of the whole project on your behalf. You simply need to deal with us for each and every aspect, including sourcing all the materials and resources we need. Plus we’ll liaise and work with sub-contractors if required.

Plus, we’re resilient, tenacious and professional – essential qualities in high-quality project management.

Attention to Detail

We notice everything. We miss nothing. Our attention to detail is meticulous. It has to be.

For prestigious, breathtaking designs, we have the expertise and skills to focus on even the smallest points, bringing everything together for unprecedented results. This turns an otherwise overwhelming process into an enjoyable, stress-free experience for you.

Accredited for Best Practice

KM Design Studio is fully accredited by the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and the Society of British and International Design (SBID). These are gold-standard accreditations – hard to get and solid proof of our professional expertise.

You Talk, We Listen

You deserve to be happy at home. So, are you ready to be open to us? We’re here to offer empathy, instinct and analysis.

We’ll tap into your dreams and aspirations by asking the right questions. Then we’ll listen carefully, and demonstrate that we’ve understood. What you don’t say will often be as meaningful as what you do.


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